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The Credit Coaches

Baton Rouge, Louisiana April 24, 2014





Home ownership is the American Dream. Many of our clients come to us seeking our help so that they can restore their credit and purchase a home. As you know, credit rehabilitation is a process and takes time. Our job is to help you raise your credit score to meet the minimum mortgage qualification, your credit score. Each, mortgage lender has their own credit score qualification criteria. Most banks require a minimum FICO Score of 620. The Veterans Administration credit score qualification is 620. However, there are some mortgage lenders who can go as low as 590 credit score.

That is why it is so important to follow our instructions on how to raise your credit score. The fastest way to increase your score is to add new credit and pay it on time. When you became a client, we instructed you to get a credit card and use it for items you normally pay cash with on a weekly basis such as gas for the car, groceries and eating out. We also make available to you a “building credit” loan through one of our banking partners such as Teche Federal Bank, Midsouth Bank or Whitney Bank.

Your FICO score is determined by the formula: 35% of your score is determined by your payment history; 30% of your score is determined by your total debt; 15% of your score is determined by the types of credit you have and the remainder percentage is made up of different variables.

But, the evidence is clear. You too can be a homeowner by following our program and our instructions as evidenced by the following clients who obtained a home mortgage through GMFS Mortgage in Baton Rouge. According to Christie Achord from GMFS, the following Credit Coaches clients got new homes:

Ashley Ronald and Lisa Lejeune (refinance)

Jordan Hall Noel Williams (refinance)

Ronald and Jodi Gathercole Joye Jackson

Travis and Monique Young Patrick Harris

Roosevelt Jackson Anthony and Tamica Bethly

Mary Gibson Spencer Colbert

Marquand and Doris Weston


Congratulations to those new homeowners! We are so proud of you for staying the course.


David and Steve

The Credit Coaches