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Baton Rouge, Louisiana April 25, 2013




Well folks, here it is, the beginning of a new era for The Credit Coaches. Over the next several months The Credit Coaches will launch new technological tools that will make your credit rehabilitation experience even better and easier.

What began last year, Steve West and David Grier began designing the ultimate customer-service experience designed to keep you informed 24 hours a day and provide you the latest information about your personal financial files.

The growth of new clients the last several years has been exponential, and The Credit Coaches want to thank all of you for trusting them to help rehabilitate your credit and help you increase your credit scores. Because of that massive growth, The Credit Coaches is excited to announce an expansion both in the physical office and the online presence.

The immense growth The Credit Coaches has been privileged to experience made it very clear that changes needed to happen. And fast!

“We knew we had to do something that would help our clients receive the service they deserved and, at the same time, create a process for our company that would enhance our administrative capabilities, provide the support our clients needed, streamline our processes to eliminate unneeded work and provide the abilities to grow without creating the same problems,” explained Steve West,, one of the Credit Coaches.

So Steve and David went into hiding away from all the distractions so they could focus. After days and nights of creative thinking, they took the best of the best of those ideas and created a highly productive and proactive communication tool.

These were some of the identified needs:

  • Improve client communication
  • Improve internal administrative functions
  • Improve client credit education
  • Provide the latest strategies in credit rehabilitation
  • Provide clients the latest credit news
  • Provide clients with real-time information about their credit files
  • Create new products for clients
  • Streamline administrative functions to save costs
  • Hold down client enrollment costs, which had not been raised in 4 years
  • Faster communication with the client

Clearly, those ideas are pretty daunting. The Credit Coaches feared things like the development of a new website, blog, communication system, and training would be cost-prohibitive and interruptive to the current flow of business.

But, as they overlooked a beautiful lake, they shared an epiphany. Steve said, “Why don’t we create a cloud (internet) platform that integrates the website and blog together instead of being separated?” And David, having experience in early internet software development said, “That’s a great idea but let’s take it further. Why don’t we create a platform that resides on the Internet (cloud) and combine the website, blog, videos, educational webinars, and client support and administration functions into one system!”

Welcome to The Credit Coaches of today!

Over the next few months, you will see enhanced improvements in our communication processes to our current customers, and new customers will be stunned by the level of service they receive. Videos on demand, daily information, training via written materials and live seminars you can watch from your home, and much more.

The first item launching is the redesigned website which includes a blog by which The Credit Coaches can communicate with the public daily on important topics.

The Credit Coaches are very excited and proud to announce these new features. They have seen many changes during their 18 years of business, and the one remaining constant change is technology. They are excited to harness that technology to their advantage and yours!

With all the best to you and your loved ones,

David and Steve

Your Credit Coaches