This special promo adds your last 24 months of rent to your credit report once verified by your landlord. Also, the normal ongoing monthly verification fee for updates is $9.95 per month, but the special promo program is $4.95 per month. (Being fixed) Also, there is not set up fee, its voided with this promo. The 24 months of reporting provides a good value for this product.


This product reports to Trans Union. The company is working on reporting to all bureaus.


This product reports as an “Open Trade Line.” Note: If you have more than one lease, you will have multiple trade lines.


How long until it reports? Rent data is sent to TransUnion twice a week. Most rental payments are reported to their credit report in under 7 days. In certain cases it can take over 30 days for rent payments to appear on your credit report. The timeline for when your rent payments appear on your report is decided by the credit bureaus.


How do we verify rent? Your landlord or property manager must verify your rent payments each month. It’s free and easy for your landlord or property manager to verify your rental payments.

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