Company Background


The Credit Coaches, Stephen West, who has been in the credit repair business for almost 20 years and David B. Grier who is an ad junct faculty member at the University of Phoenix teaching economics and who has been in the financial services business for over 20 years helping families grow their investments.


Together, they combine their unique qualifications and experience to consumers to help their clients rebuild their financial goals and dreams. Think about it. Where else can you go to receive over 20 years of experience and over 20 years of investment experience and professor economics?


Their success rate is remarkable. Consumers from across the United Statescall to become clients and currently, approximately 3000 clients are being helped by The Credit Coaches. Additionally banks, mortgage lenders, car dealers and mobile home dealers send people who have been denied credit because they know that in 4 to 6 months, those clients will have the qualifying credit score!



What We Do


Well for one thing, we are more than a “credit repair” company. When you become a client with us, you receive a total financial makeover. What that means is not only do we work to remove the negative items from your credit bureau files, we help you increase your credit scores, help you with budgeting and financial planning.


Sometimes bad credit does not happen unexpected like a sudden job loss or medical emergency, but there can be some root causes that contribute to bad credit such as no budgeting, impulse purchasing, no planning, and no vision for the future.


Why Are We Different


Because our Number 1 goal is to increase your credit and not just to remove the negative items from your credit files. Although removing negative items from your credit is important, it does not increase your credit scores fast.


Most, if not all, credit repair agencies only remove the negative items from your credit files. They do not advise you or help you increase your credit scores.


So after paying these so called credit repair agencies a lot of money, you will be very disappointed when you discover your application for a loan has been denied because your credit score is too low.


As stated above, most consumers think that if negative items are removed from their credit bureau files everything will be okay and their scores will increase in several months. It’s not going to happen.


Unless you enroll with us and we provide you the insider secrets of raising your score that credit bureaus and creditors do not want you to know.


Why Don’t The Creditors and Credit Bureaus Want You To Know


Let’s examine the credit bureaus first. Why would the credit bureaus want you to have a low score? They really don’t care one way or the other. They don’t derive their major revenues from consumers. It’s your creditors that pay them for your credit information. So the credit bureaus don’t work for you, they work for your creditors.


So what about the creditors? When your credit is not good, they can charge you more interest and require you to put more money down. Get the idea?


Why Our Clients Are So Successful


3 reasons. One, each client is given a client workbook that specifically provides step-by-step instructions to follow. Two, a pre-recorded webinar is provided to each client that reviews the content of the workbook with more detail and examples. Three, every Tuesday and Thursday evenings, a live seminar is given for clients on several topics of our program to ensure success. The seminar allows our clients to ask questions in real time and to receive real time answers. And 4, our strategies and tactics have been proven time and time again for the past 18 years so if a client follows the program, they will have success


How We Can Help You


The very first thing you should do is to schedule an appointment with us for your Free Consultation. If you live in Louisiana, we have 3 offices located in Metairie, Baton Rouge, and Lafayette.


If you live outside the state of Louisiana, we can send you a link to view a video that will explain what we do and how we can help you. After you watch the video and you would like to enroll, call our office and we can enroll you via the telephone.


What To Expect During The Consultation


During the consultation, you will meet one of the coaches for a brief introduction and then you will watch a 10 minute video produced by The Credit Coaches. The video will introduce you to what we do and how we help our clients with both audio and visual demonstrations.


After the video, your coach will answer any questions you might have or clarify something you don’t understand.


After your consultation, you will be provided the different plan selections that best fit your situation and you can elect to hire us, think about it or say no. We don’t put pressure on anyone. We are the owners of the company, not some salesperson.



How To Enroll


Once you have decided to move forward and enroll with us, then there is some paperwork to fill out and a 10 minute client orientation. In the orientation, we review with you what will occur in the next few days, weeks and months. We will discuss with you what we call, Do’s and Don’ts and provide you with a personal Client Workbook that will chart your road to success.

Additionally you will receive DVDs to watch that actually shows you how to use credit building tools so that you fully understand the method.

Currently, out of state clients can simply enroll with a coach via the telephone. A copy of the enrollment agreement and your Client Workbook will be e mailed to you for your records. Your DVDs will be mailed to you by US Postal Service.



Payment Methods


We accept debit and credit cards and personal checks. The remaining payments can be set up to debit your account monthly or you can mail your payments


What Happens After You Enroll


Your Client Workbook will provide you a roadmap of everything that we will be doing and everything that you need to do. Additionally, there is general information about inner workings of our company, e mail addresses, client support instructions, and a host of other important items you need to know.


But most important, your Client Workbook will provide step by step instructions on what you need to do every month. The instructions are very easy to follow and really do a great job of explaining what to do and why we want you to do a certain task.


On Going Learning


Live Question and Answer Session Every Tuesday and Thursday


Beginning in May, all clients with questions or needing guidance or advice are invited to log in our website for a live question and answer session with the coaches. Not only will you receive straight advice from the coaches, but it allows other clients who are listening a chance to learn from your experience. It is a great community forum for everyone to learn.