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Smart Money and You! The Credit Builders Plan

After twenty years of practical application and study, attending hundreds of credit seminars and conferences, subscribing to credit and banking periodicals, and helping thousands of clients get qualified for loans, credit cards, security clearances, employment screening and home mortgages, we have designed the perfect model that will help anyone, regardless of how bad their credit, get their credit repaired and get qualified for mortgages, vehicle loans and bank loans by using our step-by-step program.

Our program is based and designed from the FICO (Fair Issac) model, which is the model used by most lenders in the United States. Our process involves assisting in the removal of negative items from your credit reports and the addition of new credit accounts, when made on time, t result in increasing your credit scores.

We work with banks and credit card lenders so we have the new credit available for you.

Additionally, we use aggressive tactics that mandate creditors who have reported inaccurate, false, and outdated information to respond immediately and correct, according to the laws that govern creditors, collection agencies and the credit bureaus.

If you follow our program and do everything we advise you to do, then you will enjoy the benefits of home ownership or buying a new car with low interest costs or even getting that dream job after passing the employment background credit check.

The Credit Builders Plan:

  • We are your advocate against the creditors, collection agencies and credit bureaus
  • As you advocate, we facilitate the removal of negative items off your credit reports
  • We help you build your credit and help provide the new credit for you
  • We help you increase your credit score

Here Is What You Receive

  1. We facilitate the removal of negative items from your Credit Reports

    You may wonder how we do this if these negative items belong on your report. The simple answer is we use all the federal laws and regulations available to determine any violations. When discovered, these items have to be deleted from your credit reports, by law.

    The chances of these violations appearing on your report are significant. Over the last twenty years, we have successfully removed thousands of items from our clients' credit reports.

    However, discovering these violations is a process and can take time. Generally speaking, most people’s credit is repaired between four and six months — but it varies based on how bad an individual's credit is.

    It is important to note here that your credit score can increase despite having negative items on your credit report.

  2. Increasing Your Credit Scores

    You can increase your credit scores today, without removing any negative items from your credit reports. We will provide you new credit suggestions from creditors that we currently work with and when you receive the new account and pay it on time, it will increase your credit score!

    Just think how high your score can increase once items are removed from your credit reports!  These new sources of credit could be the combination of credit cards and a bank loan.

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